Let's Work Together

The professional consulting and strategy community at HEC Paris is looking for partners, projects, and community members

Who we are

HEC Positive Restructuring (HPR) is a professional association at HEC Paris, created by a group of highly motivated graduate students with a keen interest and experience in business strategy and market analysis. We are dedicated to businesses targeting sustainable growth, seeking a competitive edge, restructuring, or looking for effective answers to business problems. Our expertise, reinforced by our partners' and alumni network, manifests itself in our quality, pro-bono strategy and consulting missions.

What we do


Analyze your firm's situation and provide recommendations drawing from international experience


Supply customized short- and long-term strategies and solutions for your firm


Take advantage of the powerful HEC network and community of business students from all over the globe

We provide customized strategies through:

  • Critical market and industry studies to facilitate the development of effective product, brand, and corporate strategy
  • Guidance on key marketing and communication tools and strategy
  • Operations and supply chain analysis of procurement, manufacturing, distribution and customers
  • Business transformation plans, guidelines and tools to facilitate digitization and core business process automation in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Competitive analysis, market entry/exit, and vertical/horizontal integration plans and developing overall long-term strategy for your firm
  • Formulation and guidance of firm-wide safeguard and restructuring plans

How we work

Working in close collaboration with our clients, HPR's mission teams will help to build a business case outlining a coherent problem and scope of work to be addressed, facilitating the delivery of key strategic solution and/or execution recommendations that are immediately effective and individually customized to meet the business needs of your firm. Regardless of the duration and depth of engagements, all of our mission teams are always carefully chosen to match the wide range of skillsets, industry experience, and business knowledge available to us, to the core resource needs of the mission. This ensures a synergic team fit for the projects we're trusted with.

Nos partenaires


“At Alvarez & Marshal we are convinced that successful restructuring must be prepared and accompanied throughout the process, and we have long made positive restructuring our trademark. Therefore, it is naturally and with great pleasure that we have chosen to support the students at HEC Positive Restructuring by providing them with our expertise in business consultancy. They have convinced us through their energy and professionalism that they know how to put their skills and creativity to good use so as to best serve SMBs undergoing restructuring procedures.”

Tarek Hosni, Managing Director at Alvarez & Marshal

“Establishing quality relations with companies of all sizes is at the very heart of HEC’s strategy. Therefore, seeing HEC students show such dedication in voluntarily helping small and midsize businesses grow and acquire visibility on the campus is very fulfilling to me. For their future development, SMBs need HEC students to realize the full potential of joining them after graduation. HEC Positive Restructuring members shall be actively assisted in their projects by HEC and the school’s professional network.I wish to thank them warmly for their dedication.”

Eloïc Peyrache, Associate Dean at HEC Paris

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If you are, or know, an organization that would like to support the education and growth of some of the world's future management and strategy talents

If you are or know an organization that would like to form a working partnership with HEC and its powerful alumni network

If you are a like-minded organization that is keen to contribute and/or give back to an international education and professional consulting and strategy community

If you are, or know, an organization that would benefit materially from a pro-bono engagement with some of the brightest minds at HEC Paris